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diagene and Clinical Data in Cardiac Channelopathy Test Distribution Agreement for Germany, Switzerland and Austria

diagene laboratories inc. has announced that its Routine Laboratory Division has entered into a distribution agreement with Clinical Data, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLDA, Newton, MA 02458, USA), a worldwide leader in providing comprehensive molecular and pharmacogenomics services as well as genetic tests to improve patient care.

diagene has exclusive rights to market and sell Clinical Data's FAMILION® test in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. FAMILION is a genetic test designed to identify mutations in people with inherited cardiac channelopathies such as Long QT Syndrome (LQTS) and Brugada Syndrome.

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Company networks

diagene laboratories inc. is part of a large international network. diagene has e.g. collaborations with SpecialtyLabs (Valencia, CA 91355, USA), Clinical Data (Newton, MA 02458, USA), Novartis (CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland), Roche (CH-4070 Basel, Switzerland), AstraZeneca (London W1K 1LN, United Kingdom).

diagene laboratories inc. is embedded in a network of Institutes and Universities in Switzerland as well in other countries and is member of the business parc (Switzerland), the Innocel Innovation Center (Germany), and the trinational BioValley association.

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