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Family Programs

In families with clinical suggested or molecularly proven FHC or FDB, an examination of further family members regarding these diseases is mandatory and in most countries expected from the treating physician since the dramatically increased risk cannot be recognized by the family members themselves.

Worldwide and since 1994 also in Switzerland, programs for the analysis of entire families affected by FHC and FDB have been created. In more than 40 countries, such programs, endorsed by the World Health Organisation, are carried out. By these efforts, the necessary measures can be taken for the identification and treatment of often presymptomatic (regarding coronary heart disease) further family members.

diagene offers these family analyses as part of the MED PED (Make Early Diagnosis - Prevent Early Death) program. Molecular analyses at diagene are often necessary and greatly simplify the family analyses. However, molecular analyses are not a precondition for the family analysis carried out by diagene.

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